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What is Physiotherapy? 
Physiotherapy is a health discipline that provides a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative in many cases, helps to alleviate the symptoms of many ailments, both acute and chronic. 
Often Physiotherapists physiotherapy or massage is related to, but his arsenal of therapeutic techniques is much wider.
The functions of physical therapists, among others, the establishment and implementation of those physical media may be used for therapeutic purposes in the treatment provided to the users of all medical and surgical specialties where the application of these means is necessary, understood by physical means: electricity, heat, cold, massage, water, air, movement, light and therapeutic exercises with special techniques, among others, in cardiac, orthopedic, heart, neurological injuries, exercises maternal pre-and post-partum, and performing acts and massage treatments, osteopathy, chiropractic, and other therapeutic techniques reflex specific manual therapies, alternative and / or complementary to the related field of competence that can be used in physiotherapy treatment users.

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